Sony confirms Xperia Z3 and other Z3 series devices pricing for the UK

By | September 4, 2014


Sony Xperia Z3 with PS console

Sony Xperia Z3 with PS console

Sony has announced more Z3 devices flagship at IFA other than the most anticipated Xperia Z3 which are Z3 compact, Z3 tablet and Z3 tablet compact.  And nw they also revealed the smartphones pricing for the UK at retailer Clove and while they’re sat on a premium price point, the user experience is set to be ultra smooth thanks to hardware included with the devices.One can grab the Xperia Z3 by just spending £520 and the Xperia Z3 Compact at just £432 that roughly coverts 685 USD and 570 USD respectively.

Sony also suggested that the devices will be in stock later this month. As of now the Xperia Z3 smartphone will be available in black and copper, while the mini version of Z3, the Z3 Compact offers slightly more selection with colors as will be available in black, red and white. It’s worth noting that these gadgets are indeed unlocked and SIM-free, means you won’t be required to pick up a new contract when purchasing one.

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Also we are expecting that the smartphone giant will also release the Galaxy Note 4 to smash the Z3 market. So what’s your opinon, will Xperia Z3 series devices will beat the Note 4? Comment below