Sony brings the weirdest compilation of TV remote and a Speaker


In a world full of technology surprises us every time with its creative ideas and products. Sometimes it makes you go like ‘huh-what?” Have you ever thought of compiling a speaker with a TV remote? Well, Sony proudly presents the weirdest combination of a wireless speaker and a TV remote in one.


Sony Japan has announced the weirdest compilation of TV remote and wireless speaker which is designed to play sound from the TV to the device via using a dongle that is plugged into your TV. Except for the speaker part of the device which makes us feel that we have gone in the past, this device is white and heavy. The heaviness reduces the chances of losing the device and also it has a big volume knob and a little handle for you can haul from one room to the other.

By looking at the weirdest appearance of the device, nobody would ever think of buying something like this. However, we cannot deny the fact that this device is convenient to operate.

For instance, If you want to watch a power-packed movie like terminator, Fantastic four or X-men series, in a living area without disturbing other in the house, this device comes up with a port for headphones and you can plug it in and enjoy the movie effects.

Many at times, when we watch something interesting, either the phone rings or the doorbell rings. You cannot pause the video because you love watching TV the old-traditional way and we may tend to move from one place to another. This device is wireless and you can take that small speaker cum remote device wherever you go in and around the house.

With the TV viewing practice fading away with the evolution of big screens, tablets and smartphones, this device might change the fate of the TV viewing consumers.

The speaker/remote combo device is said to be launched on 12th September in Japan, and the cost is estimated around $166. Sony is still vague about launching its device to the other countries as the unusual products like this can be sold only in Japan.