Songbox : A Social Musical app for Windows Smartphone

By | August 18, 2014

The Songbox is a new Windows Phone app, which add a musical twist to social networking experience. The app is quite simple and which , offered you  to record ten seconds of your favorite song and after that share it with other Songbox members to rate in this app. The twist is which the recording is you singing the snippet, not your favorite band or artist. In this you will find across as a nifty way to share your pipes with others Songbox users and  you can also check out the rest of the talent out in the world.

For this first of all you will need to sign-up for a Songbox membership (which is available free) to upload songs but up or down voting doesn’t appear to require a membership.


Whenever you launched the Songbox app in your Windows Smartphone, then you will be greeted with a members song and  it can be up or down vote. Once you voted then the, another tune will appear. Once the membership is established, you can able to create your user profile and upload your own song snippets. The Recordings are limited to 10 seconds but there is no limit to how many snippets you can upload.

The Songbox app for Smartphone, then it will allows you to follow members and any songs uploaded will be instantly shared with your followers.  You can able to see the  Songbox  which appealing to those who like singing in the shower. The app is available free in the Windows Phone Store, if you want to download the app then click here!