SolarWinds acquired Cloud-based management startup Papertrail for $41m

By | April 29, 2015

On Tuesday, SolarWinds, an IT performance management service, declared its acquisition of Seattle-based startup Papertrail for a price of $41million in cash. This move marks the latest step of the company to provide solutions to monitor and manage Cloud-based applications, websites and infrastructure.


A cloud-based management startup, Papertrail offers hosted log aggregation and log management for servers, apps and cloud services. The service provides developers a better access to collect, observe, lookout and organize lot data in the spite of location, allowing a simple overall view into data generated by core infrastructure and applications. This service of Papertrail will be tagged along with Pingdom and Librato offerings that are part of SolarWinds.

According to Troy Davis, the co-founder of Papertrail, “Papertrail is a thriving, profitable business trusted by tens of thousands of customers.” He also added, “That’s been fulfilling enough that we are ready to ‘double down’ and deliver amazing log management and infrastructure visibility at an even larger scale.” It permits organizations to collect from various popular procdusts like Apache, MySQL and Heroku and Ruby on Rail apps. Until today from its date of inception in 2011, the company has never opened itself for outside funding.

A publicly-traded company SolarWinds has a market value of $4 billion. Recent announcement of its financial reports generated for the first quarter, shows its revenue of $116.8 million which shows a drastic increase of 22% of what it earned during the same time last year. Now with the acquisition of Cloud-based startup, the company is ambitious to widen its monitoring portfolio. CEO of the company Kevin Thompson in his statement said, “The acquisition of Papertrail adds another key element of that overall performance monitoring experience and we look forward to having the Papertrail team and technology as part of our organization.”

Kevin also added, “Our mission with SolarWinds Cloud is to offer IT operations teams the ability to extend the real-time visibility and actionable insights our products provide on-premise to their cloud-based infrastructure so they can effectively manage the performance and accelerated troubleshooting of native cloud applications.” For SolarWinds every minute counts as IT Pros, DevOps and developers work to crack the problem and hinder the impact. With Papertrail, IT Pros, DevOps and developers to quickly and easily collect and interpret and result with a simplified overall picture.

SolarWinds, along with Pingdom, Librato and Papertrail , works as a transparent window to experience how application performance affects the ultimate customer experience and other aspects of business as well as the records of log data made that would be used to troubleshoot data. Papertrail’s clients are now open to use the company’s browser-based search interface to find out the bugs or sort out the performance issues. Fortunately, the tools also blends well with SolarWinds’ Librato and Geckoboard for graphing results.

Currently, users of Papertrail consists of Adobe, GitHub and DNSimple, which it earned through its strong product offering and informidable trust. The company says Papertrail will continue to function on its own in the same name as usual and SolarWinds will work to develop and sell the product under the Papertrail monicker.