SolarCity builds most efficient rooftop solar panels


Solar panel on a red roofSolar energy is renewable, clean and cheap energy source, which produce energy from the sun rays. The amount of energy created by the solar panel depends on per square foot of the panels.

The Chairman and co-founder of SolarCity, Elon Musk has announced that the company has created a most efficient solar panel with module efficiency of 22 percent. This panel is better than the 21.5% module efficient X-series panel of its rival SunPower. A third-party company, Renewable Energy Test Center has confirmed this result.

The solar company has built this panel through a proprietary process, but we don’t know much about this process. According to the company, this process will create panels with better performance at less manufacturing cost. The company is planning to manufacture a small batch of these new solar panels at its 100 MW facility in Fremont, California this month. Only after this, company will move its production to 1GW Facility of SolarCity in Buffalo, New York, which will open next year.

This new improvement of SolarCity will create solar panels with more power, less waste and smaller size, which will prove more useful to the customers. Currently the company is building a small batch of this panel, which will be available for some selected areas, but once its mass production begins, the company can produce solar rooftop panels for almost 200,000 homes per year.