Solar Warfare finally available for Windows Phone OS


The action packed space shooter game finally available for the Windows Phone eco-system. It is a 3D space shooter called Solar Warfare now available for the Windows Phone and Windows 8. The game impressed with the Starfox-like gameplay. This action packed space shooter gaming app has 8 artistically magical 3D worlds with superb controls, challenging enemies, upgradable weapons, and futuristic sound effects to make for a truly immersive gaming experience.

solar warfare

This high graphical app also supports the 512 MB  of RAM. The game play in Solar Warfare lends to up close and personal battles with enemies, and intense slot canyon flying. In this game you have to control your ship is easy for this you have to tilt the device in any direction to aim, and then hold anywhere on the right side of the screen to fire rapid shots. A button at the bottom-right corner fires powerful homing missiles that must be purchased from the shop.

In the Solar Warfare, you will find that the ship automatically flies forward by default. Only you can also speed it up by holding the thruster button at the bottom-left corner of the screen, hopefully the zooming past incoming fire, and even stop the ship’s forward momentum by pressing and holding anywhere else on the left side of the screen.

solar warefare-1

In the gameplay you have to collect the coins throughout the game to buy new weapons, upgrade existing weapons, buy stronger shields, buy seeking missiles, and buy revive kits. During the playing this game you have a task to destroy the enemy fighters, jets, space craft, tanks, turrets, airplanes, and more. A different boss at the end of each level is sure to satiate your thirst for epic battles. The game is available in Windows Phone Store at a cost of $1.99, so you can buy from here!