New Solar Paper charger from YOLK to charge smartphones




Solar Technology is getting better day by day, a new Kickstarter campaign have started for an eco-friendly Solar Paper. This Solar paper is touted as world’s smallest charger and is designed to produce electricity by a solar panel. Various devices can be charged by this solar paper including your phone.

This Solar Paper is designed by using YOLK’s very efficient solar panel production technology and it produces 5W power output, highest power as compared to this category product available in the market.

This charger is available in four different models based on different power they produce. Each models have different number of 2.5 W panels, meaning if it produce 5 W power output, it will have 2 panels and 3 panels for 7.5 W model and 4 panels for 10 W models.

The company has stated that this will charge an iPhone 6 in around 2 hours and 30 minutes; same duration is taken by a wall charger. This Solar paper measures 17 cm x 9 cm x 1.5 cm and weighs 60 gram, which makes this device very small and highly portable.

Most of the Solar charger available in the market, will work only if you unplug and then plug it back when the charger is covered in the shadow, but when you use this Solar paper it simply stop charging and start charging again after getting enough light.

Solar paper comes with following features:

Auto Reset Function: This feature is very useful, when shadow cover the charger as it automatically reset the charger and will start charging automatically, when it find enough light. Due to this you won’t have to re-plug each time light goes off.

Built-in Magnet: Each panel is connected via a magnet.

LCD Screen: this screen shows the amount of power solar paper generates.

The 2.5W charger model will be sufficient enough for charging external battery. The 7.5W model will be enough for charging smart phones and the 10W model will generate enough power to charge ipad and tablet.

The YOLK will take part in the largest North America outdoor Retail Show event held from August 4 to 8 in Salt Lake city, Utah.