Apple Store in Singapore to be powered by 100% Solar energy

By | November 17, 2015


Recently, Apple announced that it is going to open its first official retail store in Singapore sometime in 2016. Now, According to the company, this is also going to be first store that will be powered by solar energy completely. The company is one of the most popular companies in the world and it looks like company is trying to be greenest company also.

The Cupertino based company has partnered with the Singapore solar energy developer named Sunseap to power up its Singapore retail store through 100 percent solar energy. According to the report published in Reuters, the Sunseap will provide 100 percent renewable energy to Apple Store from January. The Sunseap solar energy developer will setup its systems over 800 of buildings in Singapore.

These solar panels will be placed over the top of almost 800 buildings as well as the top of the Apple store in Singapore. Report also suggests that the Sunseap Company will produce almost 50 MW of solar energy, where 22 MW will be reserved for Apple store. Some public owned house will get the renewable power from the remaining amount of energy produced by the solar energy developer.