Social network Google+ going for dismantle


The Social networking website  of the Google “Google +” is going for dismantling according to a report. The report said the Tech Giant has planned to Shut Down the Google Plus.  The Google is considering the Google + as a platform, not as a product, according by the many sources.

Social network Google+ going to dismantle

It means the Google + is not remain as a social networking site. But it will be integrated as a product of a Google and compete with Facebook.  The Google is already shifting the Google + core team to the Android team. In the Google plus core team is near about 1000-1200 members are present and all are now shifting towards the Android team of the Google.


The Google + is a standalone social networking site of Google is not so popular as its rival Facebook. According to the “The Wall Street Journal, said that the Google+ had about seven million daily active users before two years.  By active means who read the posts on the social network, not those who click Google+ notifications while using Google’s other services. But slowly the number of active users  goes down day per day, which shows the people has a lack of interest  in this Google product.

The Google Hangouts team of Google Plus  is now moving to the Android team of the Google. Similarly the photo team is now a part of Android team. And the rest of the employees of the Google + team are now taking the mobile projects, such as working on widgets that would employ Google+ as a platform rather than a product.