Snugs headphone plans to raise $235,000 in equity crowdfunding


Snugs, a tech startup dealing with its self-titled earphone, set to raise $235,000 in an equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube.


The British startup Snugs founded by Paul Jobin aims to take the ultimate, personalized approach to create headphones with the help of 3D scans of each customer’s ear canal to customize them to the individual ridges and shape of each human ear. The company claims that the scanning of the ear and creating the digital model does not take more than five minutes. The scanners reduces the production steps and provides the most accurate image possible.

Snugs scan

In comparison with other ear phones, Snug team said, “Of more than 32 million Smartphone users in the UK, most use earphones that come with their phone, which are we know are uncomfortable, deliver poor sound and fall out when you move. According to Apple’s Jonathan Ive ‘Making one headphone to fit everyboby’s ears would be like trying to make one pair of shoes to fit everybody’s feet.’ Why do they put up with it? Mainly because the alternatives don’t offer enough of a difference – so why spend money on something that doesn’t fix their problem?”

With the funds that would be raised, the company plans to buy the first two 3D image scanners and get hold of the global license for the consumer market. Also, plans to market the product to improve its reach globally with the help of SEO, PR specialists and PPC campaign.

Currently, the Snugs earphones are available at the market for $199 and the fund raising campaign is set to close by the end of September.