How to snooze Gmail messages in Google Chrome

By | September 30, 2014

So many times you will skip some emails and think of reading them later, but many times you will forget to read them. Even I faced this problems many times and lost so many important things and opportunities. For this I am going to share a solution which will work only in Google Chrome using an extension called Snooze your email for Gmail and this extension reminds you some email messages which you want to view later.

How to snooze Gmail messages in Google Chrome

  • First install the Snooze your email for gmail extension for Chrome from the above given link and after installation options page will be automatically opened in a new page.
  • Select the options which you would like to use and I suggest to leave the desktop notifications enabled for when an email finishes the snoozing. You can also open the messages directly from the notifications and can re-snooze the messages as well.
  • You can also set some additional settings like, you can enable notification sound, automatically mark the emails as unread after finishing snoozing and have the notifications closed automatically.
  • After customizing the options click on close button. Now go the Gmail account and refresh the page.
  • When you open an email message you can find Snooze button present at the top. When you want to snooze the email, choose how loing to snooze and set the time as well.  You can choose the minutes, days and can also set your own day and time.
  • The time with in which the email will finish the snoozing will be displayed for a few seconds at the top of your inbox.

That’s it, from now the email which you have set for snoozing will remind to you at the time you set.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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