Snapchat updated with video calling feature for Android and iOS apps

By | May 2, 2014

The most popular photo messaging app, Snapchat has now updated with video calling feature and instant messaging feature for its Android and iOS apps. Previously Snapchat was used for photo chatting, snap the photo or a video and add a caption or comment to it and send it your friends. Now they will see the photo you posted and they will reply with the comments to your photo. The image disappears automatically from the screen, unless you take a screenshot of the screen.

The Snapchat has now got the new text messaging feature, which provides you the more options for private conversations, unlike other social messaging platforms, while retaining the Snapchat’s famous ephermal photo feature.

It is very simple to start the text conversations with your friends, just swipe to the right on your friend’s name in the contact list in Snapchat, you can start chatting with them and send them images and videos, just like any other instant messaging apps. Snapchat has got the auto delete feature, once you close the chat screen all the texts, videos and photos you shared in the conversation will be deleted.


Users can manually save an important conversation by just tapping or taking the screenshot.  Snapchat has added the video calls feature, to initiate the video calls just tap and hold the video chat button. To continue the video chat bot the users need to tap the screen. You can switch between front and rear cameras by just sliding your finger to top and bottom half of the screen.

Snapchat, regarding the update posted in its blog that, ” We built stories to help the Snapchat users to create the narratives and share with all of their contacts in just one tap. But, till today we felt that Snapchat is missing an important feature of text messaging and video calls. Now we have introduced the option to text and video chat and if you close the chat your message and photos will be automatically cleared, but you can save by tapping or taking the screenshot”.

It is quiet different from other regular messaging apps, like you can set a time limit for how long your recipients can see your images and after that they will disappear automatically.

Snapchat is currently available for Android and it is expected soon to arrive for iOS.

Download Snapchat here for Android.


Author: Peter Jacksonn

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