Snapchat unveils new ‘Speed Modifiers’ feature


Snapchat, after adding its new Lenses feature, has now added a new video feature set called ‘Speed Modifiers.’ The new feature allows users to add slow-motion rewind and fast-forward filters to the videos and add special effects to their Snaps.


The new Speed Modifiers features are self-explanatory as per their names. It consists of three filters – Slow Motion, Fast Forward and Rewind. Slow Motion, as the name suggests, reduces the speed of the video for helping people to watch it at peace and giving time to catch the details. Fast Forward makes video play faster which is great for something funny. Rewind helps to play back the video at the usual speed to catch up something missed.

These speed modifiers aim at something different unlike other apps which actually change the content itself rather than doing things on top of snap. This is one of the many features Snapchat has introduced to spice up the never ending selfies and random moments people share on it. With the inclusion of ads in the network, Snapchat tries to draw more people to its app as much as possible with the inclusion of such new features.

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