Snapchat to charge $1 for Selfie lenses

By | November 14, 2015



Recently, Snapchat added selfie lenses to its app, where one new lens is added everyday and one old one gets removed from the list. The company has finally announced that it is going to charge you for these lenses.

The messaging service company has unveiled a new store that features almost 30 other lenses, which can be bought at the price of 99 cents that will allow you to keep it forever. Snapchat first added these lenses back in September this year. The new store is not going to replace the available free lenses, instead it will complement them.

If you want to activate these lenses, you just have to switch to front camera of your phone, do a long press on the photos while snapping picture from Snapchat. The new Selfie lens store will have both old and new lenses. It consist various kind of lenses ranging from scary monster to rainbow vomit.

According to the company, Selfie lenses have become very popular, as 10 million lenses are being used every day against the 100 million daily users. So now if you are a fan of these lenses, you have to pay for it, bro..