Snapchat takes the lead in making people happy


Snapchat makes its users more likely to have a good day and feel happy in comparison with Facebook and other social networks, reports a study from the University of Michigan.


An academic journal, Information, Communication and Society published one of the first article that researches on how the Snapchat affects daily mood. The study also showed that the only interaction that is considered to be more empowering than Snapchat is face-to-face communication. The study consisted of 154 students who used smartphone and texted them six times a day over a two-week period. The participants were sent a survey which they have to fill when they receive a text to know more in detail about the latest social interaction, who it was with, how supportive they were and how they felt overall at that moment.

The study found that Snapchat interactions made them feel more positive emotions than when they had Facebook interactions. It might be because people do not feel insecure about how to present themselves on Snapchat as the image disappears in matter of seconds.

“On the surface, many people view Snapchat as the ‘sexting app,'” ┬ásaid U-M researcher Joseph Bayer, the study’s lead author. “But instead, we found that Snapchat is typically being used to communicate spontaneously with close friends in a new and often more enjoyable way. At the same time, Snapchat interactions were perceived as having less social support than other social media. These findings open up important questions about the benefits and costs of different social media.”

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