Snapchat rolls out verified accounts like Facebook and Twitter


Snapchat has now rolled out its own version of verified accounts as well similar to that of Facebook and Twitter. When a user searches for a celebrity or VIP, the usernames can be spotted below the “official stories.” Next to the name, one can find an emoji which indicated they are real. For instance, Kylie Jenner is marked with a ? ,Justin Bieber with a ?.



According to Snapchat, Official Stories have only been introduced to a small group of users for now, but could become more widely available very soon.

Verified accounts are not something new on social networks. As many celebrities tend to use it, verified accounts become important way to segregate real folks from the reel ones. Adding someone’s official story on Snapchat is roughly equivalent to following them on Twitter, it allows them to see everything that has been posted publicly on the network.