SnapChat reaches 150 Million daily users, beats Twitter


SnapChat, the 4 year old messaging app has reached the milestone count of 150 million daily active users, people close to the matter claimed. This makes SnapChat more popular then Twitter by the count of active daily users.

SnapChat has been a craze among the youth ever since it was launched, due to the unique features. It has seen an outburst of traffic over the last couple of years. According to reports, it had 110 million daily active users in December, that means, the app has seen over 35% of growth within the last 6 months and there will be no surprises if we see another news of snapchat having 200 million daily active users by the end of this year or the early next year.

At the same time, Twitter, which was launched in 2006 had around 140 million users coming to the platform daily via web or mobile platforms. The number was given by an analysis estimate by Bloomberg. Twitter was second most popular app once, however, in the recent times, it has been beaten by Facebook messenger, instagram, Whatsapp and even snapchat.

Talking about the monthly numbers, Twitter sees over 310 million people using its platform every month. The data came out from the advertising data released recently. The short messaging service declined to give daily data, however, it added that in the third quarter of 2015, over 44% of the users checked the app daily in top 20 markets of Twitter, which makes it around 136 million, the number which I mentioned above in the article.

Snapchat has been doing a lot of innovative things in the last few days, with new facial expressions and masks coming everyday, it has given a reason to the youth to get addicted to the app.