Snapchat planning to launch mobile payment service


Snapchat is the most popular photo messaging app which is used to take the photos, record the videos, add the drawings and texts and send them to the list of recipients. It allows the users to set a time limit for how long the message recipients can view the snaps and after that they will be deleted from the Snapchat servers and not visible on the recipient’s device.


Now it is in plans to monetize by starting the mobile payment service. According to the sources Snapchat has filed a trademark earlier this week in this regard. The documents filed for trademark registration reveal that this transitory messaging service is looking forward to process the peer-peer payments, online payments and the money transfers.

Here are the few details of the trademark fillings

  • Computer application for processing the online payments to and from the others which may be downloaded from the global computer network. The trademark serial number for this filling is #86335306.
  • Electronic transfer of the money for others and offering the electronic processing of the electronic funds transfer, credit card, ACH, debit card, electronic check and mobile and online payments. The trademark serial number for this application is #86335307.

Snapchat is currently engaged with the in-app purchases, sponsorship and advertising from brands. These recent trademark fillings suggest that it is going along the way of WeChat, which provide similar features in the Asian countries. Now it is hard to hypothesize as to the direction which Snapchat will take in the online payments. But likely this service will offer the way to transfer the money to the friends or tie up with the brands to let the customers to purchase goods directly from the app.