Snapchat clarifies the stir caused by changes in its privacy policy

By | November 4, 2015

Sometime last week, we had published an article on Snapchat changing it Terms of Service thereby affecting the privacy settings. Answering to the ruffle caused by the change, the photo-messaging app has reassured its patrons the pictures will never be stored despite changes to their privacy policy.

snapchat 3

It is believed that users began to worry after Instagram caused outrage because of its policy change in 2012 stating that it could sell posted photos to anyone. Though, Snapchat’s policy change did not cause quite that much stir as that of Instagram, user reaction show that the companies need to invest more time in explaining what policy changes mean to their users.

Snapchat in its blog said, ” “The main thing we did was to rewrite the Terms and Privacy Policy so that they’d read the way people actually talk. We always try to be upfront and clear with our community. We need to do that now that we are selling Replays and have some other cool products and services we are looking forward to bringing to you soon.” It has promised to continue to delete the privately shared pictures from their servers as soon as they are read and would not share with advertisers or business partners.

However, to be safe on our side, it is better to ensure and check if that information has to be shared on a social network. Many platforms have been hacked and users have been exposed. So let’s be safe than sorry.