Snapchat bids goodbye to third-party apps to protect users’ privacy


Snapchat, known for its disappearing posts, has made lot of changes to the company in the last twelve months. The chat app that creates more images than its core messaging function, has built-in video chat, advertising and even a feature that lets its users transfer money. To make the app more reliable and safe, the company has now started taking measures to tighten the security and limit outside apps to access its service.


The foundation of the Snapchat revolves around a single, definitive feature – to make the message disappear in 10 seconds or lesser after the recipient views them. A representative from the company said, “Deletion by default is the core of the company.” The youngsters who feel troubled by the idea that their exchanges of photos in other apps may follow them for life, for them Snapchat’s idea was liberating.

But the condition is not the same when it comes for trust. Recently, it has been stated that there has been some misusing of the privacy practices that led to exposing of the information to some intruders. Also, it failed to prevent its third-party applications from making it all too easy to archive the photos and images. A hacked got access to thousands of private photos shored in the third-party applications that the app failed to block.

When the company was working on to mend the above problem, a hacker found that the usernames and phone numbers could be linked by anyone. This information was made public by the hacker. To fight against it, Snapchat’s engineers observed and  deleted lot of spam Snapchat accounts.

Considering the issues the company faced, it not only implemented quick fixes but also a long-term plan that follows ‘IP rate limiting,’ an automatic and forceful plan. This looks for the threats/ suspicious activities and shuts the origin of the threat down, at the risk of affecting some innocent users. But the company is ready to do so to avoid the spammer taking down their company.

Apart from this, Snapchat has pulled in big companies like Amazon and Google to have a larger and tighter security team. As a means of security, Snapchat has completely closed the access to the third parties and does not want to risk on privacy.

For the first ever time, the company has made is main privacy and security executive available for chat to make people aware of the company’s commitment to protect its users. They have apologized for the errors, glitches that have stained on the company’s record.

Snapchat did not receive any requests in the form of a National Security Letter. It is still not known the number of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Acts requests as there would be six-month delay in reporting.

Snapchat’s report stated, “Beginning in July 2015, we will publish a bi-annual Transparency Report, which will explore government requests we have received for users’ account information, government demands to remove user’s content and requests to take down content for alleged copyright violations.”