Snapchat gets more than 6 billion video views per day



Snapchat has been making continuous changes over the last one year, and finally it looks like their efforts are paying off. Videos in the Snapchat app have been viewed more than six billion times a day, which is three times more than that of this may. The company has confirmed this figure to the Financial Times.

This growth is really very fantastic, but the tech company has not given more details about this growth. This also indicates that now Snapchat may have become a portal for videos also other than private messaging. This is the result of various changes made by Snapchat for over the past year.

We can’t compare the video business of Snapchat to some other video streaming giant like YouTube and Facebook. Snapchat counts “View” when someone watches video just for some milliseconds, whereas you have to watch 3 seconds to be counted as View for Facebook and YouTube counts its usage by hours instead of views.

Still, this is a big deal for Snapchat, as it only exists on smartphones. Recently, Facebook announced 8 billion views per day, which has much larger base than the Snapchat. So this is certainly a good news for the company.