Smooth movements allow robots consume less energy



At times, robots are very useful, as they can work faster than a human. Now a days, robots are used for many industrial as well as domestic purposes. Over all the advantages, there is one disadvantage too, Robots consume a very high amount of energy. Researchers from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden have found out that the quick and precise movements of robots waste lots of energy.

According to a report from, research has found a way to stop the energy wastage problem by using fluid motion. Researchers have developed an algorithm for smooth movements of the robot, which will slow down the speed of particular movements carried out by robots without impacting the overall speed of the robot’s tasks. This can save up to 40 percent of energy. This algorithm also optimizes the order in which tasks are carried away.

To watch this particular project and algorithm in action, click here.

Robots are currently used for different purposes in the industry, as they work precisely and very fast. This new algorithm is certainly going to help, as it reduces the energy consumption. It is still not clear that, from when this new technology is going to be used in real life scenario.