Smash Arena Monster Edition : Addictive Squashing game


Smash Arena is the most cute and colorful game and so far it is the most exciting monster smashing game on the Play Store. The aim of this game is to smash the monsters and eliminate all of them and protect the engineer, earn the badges and use the power ups to kill that monsters.

This game differs from the typical bug squash game because this game has got the new monsters, badges, power ups and a new goal for each level. In the game you have to eliminate the certain number of the monsters to get some amount of points, but not the engineer because he may surprise you with the bonuses and power ups.



  • The game will have 10 furious monsters.
  • There are 40 levels in the game which are divided into 2 worlds. More features, levels and modes of the game are in making and are expected to come with the new update.
  • This game has got amazing HD visuals and immersive HD quality audio.
  • Intense monster smashing action game play, simple and easy to learn.
  • Collect various badges to decorate your wall.

The game is very simple to play but the game controls are not responsive as they should be. The small monsters die in single touch, but the big monsters are need to be tapped multiple times and their life time is represented by the meter above their heads. Some monsters disappear and reappear and it is little tricky to smash them and they even morph in to some faster monsters that dodges and weave your offense. They may take your base, at that  time simply restart the level.

There are cool power ups in the game, especially sweep power which sweeps all the enemies on your path. You will get it by just swiping your finger across the screen.

Download Smash Arena Monster Edition.