Smartphone intelligence app, Delvv has raised $3.5 million in seed funding


Palo Alto-based startup Delvv that develops mobile apps and content discovery apps, has raised $3.5 million in a seed funding.


Founded in 2013, Delvv builds the next generation of smart phone intelligence apps. The startup works to bring together a team of top internet and consumer products pros with the aim of changing the way people get to details and information on their smartphones. It makes use of machine learning and predictive analysis to deal with information overload on mobile devices.

The new funds has been scheduled to channelize into expanding the content discovery app, Glean and also, to introduce new services and features on renovating the user experience with the various smartphone technologies. A study by Neilson research shows that in USA, adults spend more than 48 hours per month with various apps on their smartphone. That is approximately 2880 minutes per month, 720 minutes a week and 103 minutes per day.

The app usage has increased drastically and users are bombarded with information through social channels, entertainment, sports, news and gaming apps which drown the user with irrelevant content. This is not a simple problem but a severe one. Understanding its severity, this startup is committed and working to develop next generation products that delivers an organized and well-designed experience that takes the relevant information and app to the users, leaving out the irrelevant ones.

According to Felice Miller Gabrial, the president and founder of Delvv, “The expanding number of apps, social media feeds and push notifications have created a firehose of information coming at mobile users every day, vying for their focus and attention. Frequent interruptions with often irrelevant information have habituated users to constantly glancing at their phone, afraid of missing some critical piece of data or communication.” She also added, “Delvv’s machine learning technology reduces this flow of information to manageable proportions, enabling users to focus on what’s most important to them. With this funding, we can bring more products to market that help conquer information overload, and position ourselves as a leader in the growing mobile intelligence app space.” Glean app is available for Android and iOS.