SmartHalo app revamps any bicycle into a smart vehicle

By | August 28, 2015

With the advent of cars and bikes, once teenagers’ favorite vehicle Bicycle has lost its charm. In the midst of hurry to make new means of transportation and launching apps revolving around it,not much of a though is being given to bicycle. But recently, with a hope to enrich the simple yet an efficient vehicle, a new device called SmartHalo has come up.

The SmartHalo device is attached to the handlebars of any normal bicycle to act as a visual navigation guide and directs  the rider when connected to your smartphone. Though there are various ways to navigate with the smartphone, most of them demands constant check over handset or smartwatch. The constant need to check may prove dangerous while riding a bike or steering a car down the streets.

The SmartHalo has dead simple green lighting response prompter that is connected via Bluetooth to the app on your smartphone. It lets you to keep the handset in your pocket and follow the color-coded navigation guides on the device which is attached to the bicycle. All you need is to enter your destination into the SmartHalo’s associated app and the device would take care of the rest.

Understanding or decoding the app is quite simple. When you’re are around the corner to turn left or right, the device alerts you with a white and green lights and if your direction is wrong, it alerts with red lights on the device. There’s another lighting feature that alerts you if you get a phone call. Apart from these features, the device also joins with the smartphone to impart biking statistics, along with distance traveled, average speed and calories burned.

Even when you’re far away from your SmartHalo-equipped bike, you can still have an eye on your bike’s location with the help of the map available on the app. It’s weather-resistant feature protects it from rain and winds. The best part of the device is that SmartHalo has an inbuilt alarm feature that beeps if anyone tries to steal the device from the bike.

The SmartHalo device also automatically detects nightfall and turns on a front-mounted headlamp and when the bike halts, the light turns off on its own. The SmartHalo’s surprising feature is that its battery back stays intact for about 3 weeks, with all the lighting, navigation and alarm features.

The original cost of this SmartHalo device is around $149 but has early bird offer of $99 for those who buy through Kickstarter campaign. It has already made $39,000 of its $50,000 goal and the creators of SmartHalo pledges to make the device available to you by may 2016, if you sign up to smarten your bike with this device.