Smart Jewels take a trend this CES 2015

By | January 9, 2015

Smart jewelry seems to be trending at CES this year among the smart wearables. With lots of smart fitness tracker and other smart wearables flooding into the market, smart jewels  needs to work on little more to get more on focus. Logbar and LookSee have taken the path less trodden and given its try with whats it called the smart jewels.


You need not be a wizard with a wand to control things around you without moving. Logbar has introduced Ring, a Bluetooth ring  that lets the wearer control anything from switching on the light to changing songs on iTunes to replying text messages. This silver interactive ring has an in-built electronics that allows the user to control devices with the finger gestures(gestures can be customized).


Though the product was demonstrated last year, Logbar has made slight improvisations and re-entered the market this year. The company has worked on the size, connectable distance and the interface making the Ring better than the older version.

However, care has to be take to keep it away from water as it is not waterproof. Adding on, the rechargeable battery is not replaceable making the Ring obsolete when it stops charging. Its currently available for iOS and Android only.

The ring is now available for $269 and the hub which lets the user connect the lights, television etc., is expected to be priced $70.


LookSee is a braclet connected to the phone via Bluetooth that displays calls, message or other notification. Credits to the E-ink technology for the company states after one charge the bracelet can stay up to an year with one update every hour. Also, the user can change the patterns on the display from the already available pattern list in the library of LookSee app.


Though the exact dimensions or specifications are not available, it is described as ultra-thin, water-resistant. It also has three different sizes. The price and the release date has not be disclosed so far. If LookSee is delivered as promised, it would be a special one in the market. Wish the display has more colors rather than just black and white.

Both these devices tap into the idea of personalising fashion accessories with technology, sure to be a crucial area for wearables in 2015