Smart headphones get brighter too, with Glow


Headphones are not just getting smarter but brighter too. Yup! brighter..literally!

three color Glow

Kickstarter has crowdfunded a project to add an extra spice when you listen to music on the go. Its latest project Glow headphone, is a smart headphones that glows to the beat of music played. As we all know, Kickstarter gives life to the ideas of the common man which makes the perfect sense of customer need. The Glow headphone is a perfect example for it.

The Glow headphones stand a class apart from the crowd of headphones in the market with its capability to lighten up and pulsate along with the rhythm of the music being played. This intuitive 5-way controller not only controls music but also assist in making calls, text, take pictures and use apps (like Pandora and Spotify) with ease. Test messages can be read out to the user with an option of voice reply in place. Since the headphones are made for Android, there are some extra controls reserved specially for Android users. The iOS version could be expected in future.


Further to the above features, there is another interesting one. The headphones also pulse to the beat of the heart with its in-built heartbeat monitor. It can also track vitals when the user is on jog. This doesn’t make it fit under fitness wearable as there are headphones like Sony’s Smart B-trainer and Parrot’s Zig Sport which do lot more.


The technology that supports this headphone is Corning’s Fibrance light-diffusing fiber which is a thin, flexible, bright and colorful glass optical fiber. This glowing optic fiber was introduced in 2014 by Gorilla Glass and Glow is the first wearable gadget to use this technology.

smart heaphone Glow

Glows can be categorized under fashion and lifestyle for its style and brightness and is available in three colour variants – red, blue and green. Glow can be charges via micro-UBS and the battery makes sure it illuminates as long as eight hours and little more. Even after the battery is completely drained, it can be used to listen to music. It is priced $149 per piece and $399 for all three pieces together. The price is slightly on the higher side as it is a known fact that unique products do come with a hefty price tag.

Though it looks practical and futuristic, it is still too early to say whether the glowing light and other functions is more of a gimmick than realistic. But it is quite obvious to say that it has excited lot of people already.