Slippy Sloth : Fun Loving Android Game

By | September 8, 2014
Slippy Sloth

The Slippy Game is an Android game, which available free to download in the Google Play Store. In this game you have found a Sloth has one dream to reach at the top. There is a big greasy pole stand in the way of him and his dream. How far up the pole can you take him? Depends on the player playing skills. It is the┬ánot a matter of reaching the top as the game is impossible to beat, it’s a matter of getting the highest possible score. Here’s what makes “Slippy Sloth“.

Slippy Sloth

The Slippy Sloth belongs to the same category of the Flappy Bird, Timber Man and Much More. The game is only 1.70 MB and it’s compatible with Android 2.2 to latest variant of the Android Operating system. If you like these kind of the game than the Slippy Sloth is made for you. If you want to download this game on your Smartphone and want to enjoy this game then you can click here!

Features of Slippy Sloth

  • You can climb as high as possible while avoiding deadly obstacles such as birds, planes, Superman (kidding about the last one)
  • Simple gameplay, just tap to climb, but frustratingly addictive to survive
  • Unlockable costumes for your sloth and a 4-pixel design style that will make the game more fun
  • High scores and online leaderboards available via Google Play Services