Skype adds video message saving features on Android



Microsoft has updated its video chatting app Skype for Android devices. The new update brings a very important feature to the video chatting app, which will let you store video messages. This means that you can save some important video messages to your Gallery on Android devices by just one tap. This new update also brings some other features.

This updated version of Skype allows you to manage your conversation pretty easily. By long pressing on the contacts and recent tabs, you’ll get a new tab that gives you quick access to delete, mark as read and even mute the notification button.

Sharing photos from your gallery has also become easy. You can share images from your gallery directly to group conversation. In addition to this, the latest version of Skype also let you forward images to other conversation.

The new Skype also comes with improved Search options for contacts, group names and content of conversation. You can also forward Mojis to other friends or Skype group, if you receive any interesting Mojis.

This is definitely very good update and saving video conversation feature will surly come very handy. New updated Skype is currently available. So if you want to enjoy all the new features, you can download the latest version of Skype from Google Play Store.