Skype Updated With Windows 8.1 with Edit Sent Msg Option

By | August 13, 2014

The software giant Microsoft has released a new update for Skype for Windows 8.1 users, that will you  allow them to edit or delete text messages they have already sent out to their contacts. As we know that the Microsoft, Skype is mainly famous for its video calling purpose. This is the best app, which is available 0n all major platforms for  Video calling and now the app is specially updated for the Windows 8.1 operating  system.

skype updated for Windows 8.1 operating system

A few days ago the Skype app was updated in which number of bugs removed and some new feature with improved usability is provided to the app user.

On this event the tech giant Microsoft has said that:

[quote]”To edit a message, select the message you want to edit or remove, by tapping on it or right clicking with your mouse to highlight the text you want to remove. Select ‘edit message’ to revise your message or ‘remove message’ to remove the message completely. You can remove multiple lines in sequence.”[/quote]

The Latest 3.1 update has also been supposed to have improvements for the app’s video message notifications to make them more reliable and  you can make video messages more accessible. But on the other side the Microsoft has decided to kill the Skype for the Windows Phone 7.5 users. We already mentioned in our earlier post that the Skype shutdown for Windows Phone 7.5 operating  and those user’s who are still using the Skype on its previous of Windows Phone Operating System they are also affected in  a couple of weeks.

If you want to download the latest updated Skype for your Windows 8.1 operating then, you can click here!