Skype Redesign is released for the Windows 10 Desktops


The Windows 10 Insiders are already getting their distaste of the Skype redesign on their desktops following by the mobile relaunch that happened, earlier in a hideous version. The members of the Windows 10 program are being waked up to nausea as the Skype redesign has been launched.

The company’s decision to change one of the communication platforms seemed to be one which is hemorrhaging. The skype has been working on changing its layout for a long while now and only the mobile Skype users must be knowing how it deliberately tried to put the fun into the classic white and blue color scheme.

Skype Redesign 01

However, the new redesign has some features like the image sharing, the GIF support and also flagging out someone, in a group chat, which seemed to be a bit useful when compared to the rest. Additionally, a repository has been added so that you can view all the shared videos and pictures at a single place.

However, the Skype Redesign is complained to have a garnish colored design and a flawed interface even when the restoration has been done to an extent. The problem of who being online and who is not is clarified on the other hand, and the question is why Microsoft hasn’t released it officially for all the devices, yet is in the picture.