Skype adds filters for Android and iOS platform and 3D Touch support for new iPhones



Skype is facing tough competition from lots of popular chat apps, especially from SnapChat. Microsoft has been doing steady changes to its Skype mobile apps to make it better and message friendly. Now, the company has updated its Skype app for Android and iOS app.

This new update allows Skype users to add some fun filters like SnapChat. So now Android, iPhone and iPad users can add filters with ghosts, goofy face stretching, balloons and some others to their video messages.

Skype users can add video message filters to make chatting more interesting. You just have to tap the filter at the bottom left of the video message tab, select the filter based on your choice and then press the record button. You can add negative filter, change your face appearance and even add balloons.


In addition to some fun filters, Microsoft is also adding 3D Touch support to Skype for iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus users. If you forcibly touch the Skype icon, you’ll get quick access to frequently used features like search contacts and calling options. It also allows users to peek into the conversations or pop video chats into the foreground, once you are inside the app.

This 3D Touch features will also let you quick access some shared location, photo, URL or contact while in conversations. You can swipe up to know more actions or press hard to pop it onto the foreground. This 3D touch feature is one of the best update new iPhone users can get.