Do Spanish/English Translations In Real Time Now Using Skype


After nearly a decade of research and development, Microsoft’s Skype now boasts of the ability to translate speech in real time. This feature was rolled out yesterday, initially only for Windows 8.1 users. It will be made available to a larger public very soon. On Monday, Skype also released a preview of its translator on Skype’s Windows app.

skype translate

This new software update will translate audio. The two people who are talking to each other will hear robotic translated voices when they converse. The translator client will also provide a bilingual transcript of the conversation. The live audio system is currently limited only to Spanish and English, however, more languages will soon be added.

Skype has provided a public sign-up page for people who want to participate in the Translator Preview. After requesting for an invite, Skype will get back to you with an email that says,”participation in the preview will be confirmed depending on: the date you registered; the devices you selected; the availability of selected languages; and registration code (if you have one).”