Sky unveils a new satellite box SkyQ

By | November 18, 2015

skyq_set-top box

Currently, subscription based services have become rage and are growing day by day. They have really revolutionized the Television world. More and more people are transforming towards the online streaming service from the traditional TV watching. Keeping this thing in mind, Sky has just unveiled its premium subscription service named SkyQ, which is going to be available early next year.

Sky’s customers have been asking for this new service for quite a while, so that they can combine the power of living room and the big screens with the help of Internet. Andrew Olson, the director of product planning and design at Sky said about the upcoming product, “It’s an eco system where each piece works brilliantly on its own, but also together to create a new feature we’re calling fluid viewing”

This new SkyQ device comes with a new designed Set-top box and a Bluetooth enabled remote with some apps and touch screen support. The new set-top box is slimmer and comes with 2 TB storage space. You can download all your favorite programs by connecting it to the internet. You can also watch your favorite programs on up to five screens.

This new set-top box from Sky comes with twelve tuners, which will let you record four programs simultaneously, while watching the fifth. You can use this new SkyQ service to spread the happiness around your entire home.