Skwirmy Free for Windows Phone : Fun and fast paced action game

By | August 12, 2014

Skwirmy Free is the latest Windows Phone game which is evocative of the old snake games but with the survival twist. In this game you will play the role of a worm which goes around eating up the neighbourhood and seeing how large you can grow and avoid the attacks from the other bugs. The more the worm eats the longer it becomes and it makes manipulating skwirmy around the game screen a little more challenging and makes the worm larger and target for the other bugs to attack.


The game features nice graphics and decent challenge but lacks ethereal which keeps you drawn into the game. Its main menu shows the typical options to jump into the game play, access the game settings, visit online leaderboard and help section. Game settings are very basic and you can adjust the sound and music levels and set how you want to hold your Windows Phone as flat or tilted. This is very important because it uses your Windows Phone tilt sensors to steer the worm around the field.

The game is not so complicated, it is just as the snake game you have played in Nokia phones. Score and length are displayed in the upper corner of the screen. Skwirmy pops out of the hole and you squirm him around the screen swallowing everything on your way. The more Skwirmy eats the longer it will become and it becomes easier to attack by the ants and others insects around the screen.

Overall, it is the nice game with amazing graphics and it is not the bad game to pass the time with. But there is nothing to keep you pulled into the game and the aim is of stating alive and growing the worm as long as possible. The game is available for free and download it from below link

Download Skwirmy free for Windows Phone



Author: Peter Jacksonn

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