Sizmek acquires Pointroll for a deal worth $20 million


Sizmek, ad tech company is all set to acquire Pointroll, the dynamic creative solutions business for a deal of $20 million which is expected to close immediately. The deal value is said to be divided into $11 million in cash and $9 million in seller financing.


Being one of the world’s largest independent third-party ad server, Sizmek operates with more than 3,400 agencies, 17,000 brand advertisers and 22,000 global web publishers, serving ads in 70 countries. Being an Open Ad Management company, Sizmek allows online advertisers, agencies and publishers freedom of choice, flexibility and end-to-end abilities to fuel exponential ad performance on various devices and channels.

Pointroll was acquired by Sizmek from Cofactor , an ad-tech company owned by Tegna, the publicly traded broadcast and digital media company previously called as Gannett. The acquisition would also give the clients access to a larger range of data-powered capabilities within the end-to-end framework of Sizmek MDX, from mobile media buying `to multi-channel /device mesurement and attribution.

DCO is an increasingly important element of digital advertising, as it optimizes specific audience creative against data insights, which is at the heart of any effective online advertising campaign,” said Neil Nguyen, CEO and President of Sizmek. “This is a very strong combination of Sizmek’s technology and PointRoll’s DCO expertise, which can then be applied to the ever-increasing need for global solutions.” With the acquisition move, it is expected to work at the advantage of Sizmek as Pointroll serves a majority of ads from the automotive, CPG and retail industry.

“Together we represent an unmatched global platform, and we are excited to join the team and create this industry-leading product,” said Mario Diez, CEO of Cofactor. “But the biggest winners are our large automotive, CPG and retail customers, as the two companies now offer an unmatched solution in creativity, capabilities, and service. Our value proposition has always been to combine creativity with data and we just took a leap forward in bringing this to our customers.”

Francisco Miranda, SVP, Group Management Director of Zimmerman said, “As a long time PointRoll client, we view the acquisition as a positive event. We have been at the forefront of Dynamic Creative Optimization strategies to deliver the right creative and offers on behalf of our automotive and retail clients.  The combination of PointRoll’s expertise in our business and Sizmek’s comprehensive product offering will allow us to accelerate innovation in a very dynamic and competitive retail environment.”