Singapore’s ProperHands secures $177,000 in seed funding


ProperHands, a home and office cleaning services startup, has announced it raising $177,000 in its seed round funding from Singapore-based Crystal Horse Investments and Tri5 Ventures.


Launched in December 2014 by Wayne Soh and Benjamin Koe, ProperHands connects freelance cleaners to customers through its intelligent and automated matching. It completely takes care of the booking, scheduling and billing of the cleaners and help. It charges its customer $13 per hour and takes a cut from the fees. The founder Soh came up with the idea to start this while running a small hostel outside National University of Singapore.

“Every time I engage a service provider, there are usually some problems. For example, the service provider will either not turn up, arrive late, overcharge, or simple render bad service. So Koe and I wondered whether we can use technology to solve these problems and improve the quality of service providers. We started with cleaning because it’s the easiest to standardise and is something that is done regularly,” stated Soh.

With the newly secured funds, the company plans to deploy them to build an app to fully automate their value chain. The founders strongly believe that automation is the key to the company’s operations intensive. “Our vision is for customers to be able to book or change a cleaning job and have scheduling, utilization planning, resource optimization, payment, allocation, backups, personnel matching, confirmations, updates, reminders and all other operational tasks completely automated with no human intervention.”

Till date, the Singapore startup claims to have received more than $75,000 in billion with more than 100 regular clients. Five years from now, the ventures targets to acquire 15,000 regular customers and a contractor workforce of 6000 active cleaners. However, the competition is quite tough with the presence other service startups like Helpling and Fixit.