Simple Budget app for Android update adds instant money transfer

By | August 20, 2014

Simple budget app for Android offers the better support, simplified budgeting tools and gives the financial peace of mind. Today Simple Finance Technology Corp has released a major update to its Simple Android app which includes the new User Interface along with the new features which help the people to manage their money efficiently.

In addition to this the new update introduced a feature which allows the users to send the money to other Simple app users for the first time through the mobile using Simple Instant.


The company has stated that, “Transferring the money to the other simple customer is very easy as adding them as a contact and transferring the funds. Also, there has been some updates for the mobile version of the Goals feature to make it easy for the users to reach their financial goals.

As far as the new UI, the company has stated that,

[quote]We seriously considered the inclusion of each and every customer interaction or design element and what would it add to the mobile experience. We simplified the app design which makes very simple to the users, relying on color, typography and animation to guide your focus. The results are the apps that are more fluid, natural and fun.[/quote]


  • See your spendings as it happens
  • Save money everyday automatically
  • Know what is safe to spend
  • Transfer money instantly for free
  • Better customer support
  • Secured

Share your view about the new update in the comment box below. Still, you don’t have the app then go to the below and download it from there, it is free to download.

Download Simple Android app

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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