How to show more apps in Windows 8.1 Apps screen


Windows 8.1 Operating System has come up with many new and useful features. Microsoft has made changes in “All Apps” also known as “Apps View” screen in Windows 8.1 update. A new indicator on the start screen now shows if the new apps are installed in your PC. If you notice the columns are now wider and they are containing more space for the better view.

If you don’t like this extra spacing between the App tiles in the Apps view page because it takes more space it will show less apps on the screen. So, Microsoft has provided the new option to show the small icons and decrease the spacing between the apps in the App view page. Follow the below tutorial for how to show more apps in the view page of the Windows 8.1.

How to show more apps in Windows 8.1 Apps screen

  • Go to the Start screen and here click on the down arrow present at the bottom of the screen. You can also hit Ctrl+Tab keys together to display All Apps page.
  • Now open the Charms bar by moving your mouse to the top-right or bottom-right corner. Now click on Settings and click on Tiles option.
  • Enable Show more apps in Apps view” option. That’s it, now it will immediately decrease the app icon size and spacing between the app titles.

Other option “Show Administrative tools” can be used to show the Administrative tools such as Service Manager, Task Scheduler, Computer Management etc., in the Apps view page.