How to shop on US online stores from India


If you are staying in India and you want to shop from US based online store like Amazon, eBay or best buy and you want those products to get shipped to the Indian address even though that particular store don’t offer international shipping, then this article is definitely helpful for you.

Most of the electronic gadgets like tablets and smartphones will be released in US earlier and after months they will be introduced to Indian market. Also you will get great deals on some of the products in US online stores. In those cases you will craving to buy those products. To but those things all you need is a international credit card and if are okay to pay the custom duties, shipping and other charges here I am listing some services which helps you to shop on US online stores from India.

1. Shop on eBay with worldwide shopping

eBay is having different sites for the different countries, for example for India. You normally use your country specific eBay site to shop, but using the same account, you can also purchase at the, or any other country eBay websites.

Using the following tip you can order the products from the US eBay site. While you are looking for the products on site set the, “Items available to advanced search option of your country name and eBay will now show you only the products where the seller has indicated and they are willing to ship the products to your country.

2. Virtual cousin in US


Think if you have a cousin in US, then you will go to the US based online sites purchase some electronic goods using your credit card ¬†and give your cousin’s address for delivery. Now those online sites deliver your product to your cousin address.

There are some package forwarding services in US like Shipito and vPost which act like your virtual cousins and these services provide you a personal US address which you can use as the delivery address for your products. When these package forwarding services receives the package they forward that package to India through the courier services.

If you buy multiple things from the multiple stores like Phone from one website, Camera from another site the these forwarding services will repack everything into single package to reduce the shipping cost.

3. Shop without using credit card

There are some cases like even if you give them a local address, some US merchants will not accept payments through the international credit cards which don’t have the US billing address. There also might be some people who don’t have the international credits.

If you don’t have international credit card then you use the assisted purchase service from Shipito to make the purchase. Using the Assisted purchase you can send the payment through wire transfer to forwarding services who then make the purchases on behalf of you.