Sharp to launch a 8K Ultra-HD display in October



Sharp Corp. is ready to launch the new next generation 8K ultra HD resolution display. Today, the company has announced that its 85 inch super 8K ultra HD display is set to hit the market from October 30th, says a media report. This new ultra HD display dubbed as the LV-85001 is a monitor and is also meant for commercial purposes. The main reason for its commercial use may be the insufficient 8K content from any broadcasters or any content creator.

This new monitor will come with 7680 x 4320 pixels resolution (16 times the resolution of 1080 pixels) LCD panel with IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) technology along with some other technology from Sharp. This panel is actually made for various commercial and business purposes like content creation, museums, healthcare, professionals, military and some others.

If you want to watch any 8K content on this display panel, you’ll have to plug into the four HDMI inputs at once, so that you’ll get enough bandwidth. For those interested on this, though you won’t have any content to watch on it, you can contact the business to business sales unit of Sharp with $133,034.