Sharp 600 PPI displays for Smartphones and Tablets ready to launch


Japanese electronics giant, Sharp is preparing to launch next line-up of mobile displays which has the highest resolution displays for tablets and Smartphones.

Sharp 600 PPI displays for Smartphones and Tablets ready to launch

The  Sharp has claimed that they are ready to launch the cutting edge 600 pixel density per inch panels. The Sharp is also touting that its latest panels will be packed with a clarity to enable viewing of 4K content on small displays. The display size of around 7.3 inches, has a resolution of 3840 × 2160 will contains the PPI of 600. Therefore, Sharp’s first batch of 5.5 inch Smartphone displays would not be 4K capable, which would result in a PPI around 800, but its larger tablet displays will most likely match the 4K criteria. The production of the of this 600 ppi with 4K display expected to start as early as next spring.


The Sharp has a plan to push its IGZO panel technology into new mid-resolution devices, that could mean more Smartphones and the next generation of the wearables gadgets market such as the Smartpwatches and Smartbands.  The IGZO is Sharp’s more energy efficient LCD technology, but the design of this display is currently limited to panels with only around 300 ppi density.

At the present time Sharp is currently sitting in second position behind to its own rival Japan Display. If  this displays available in the market, then its place will upgrade to the first place holder of the Displays in the market,