Sharing Travel Info becomes easier for Gmail users

By | December 15, 2015


Sharing travel plan becomes easier, as Google has updated its Gmail app with some really handy changes, which allows users to share their travel plan via Gmail with one click. Google wants to make your holiday trip even easier.

Inbox of Gmail app already has a feature called Trip Bundles that automatically fetch all emails related to your upcoming trip such as flight booking confirmation, hotel reservation, car rental etc and gives you most important information like flight timing at the top.

From next week, you can share the trip information with your family and friend with one tap that will save your precious time if you are planning a trip this holiday season. With this update, users can attach those useful trip bundles similar to card to their emails with only one click. If you like to share your travel plans with your colleges, this update is certainly going to make you happy.

The new update also allows you to attach related emails to a trip with “Move to” menu options. You can also set a trip to be available offline. Taking lots of photos is an evident and favorite task for everyone while on trip. So, the updated email is also going to make sharing photos even easier. The new feature gives you easy access to Google Photos and also let you attach more than one photo at a time.

These new features are expected to roll out over the next week for all the users. So, keep checking your Gmail app, as you may see an update pretty soon.