ShareASale affiliate program review

By | December 8, 2014

ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network headquartered in Chicago, USA. It services two customer sets in affiliate marketing, the merchant and the affiliate. Affiliates use the ShareASale service to find the products to promote and earn commission from the products they referred. Affiliates can make use of their blogs, website, PPC campaigns, SEO campaigns, email, RSS and other means of channels.

ShareAsale continue to add merchants and it currently offers services to more than 2,500 merchants for their affiliates to choose from. It provides the reports and sales updated in real time users can watch their commissions steadily increase.

ShareASale affiliate program review

ShareASale is highly regarded in the affiliate marketing service circles, both for their performance and for ethics they follow. They have positioned themselves in a good place in this business and the approach is paying off as more and more number of affiliates join up.



ShareAsale allows the affiliates to make-a-video and this utility lets the affiliates to convert previously recorded video into creative multimedia which they will able to use on their website. It deals database as a valuable resource for affiliates to find the promotional offers and lucrative commissions. After choosing the deals and products affiliates wish to promote, it builds a database which can be downloaded in a CSV format. This database offers the product information including tracking URLs which link an affiliate to any sale which has been generated. After choosing the products they wish to include, HTML link will  be provided and pre-coded with the affiliate’s personal link.

Ease of Use

To completely accomplish the potential of ShareASale affiliate center, it would be good if you have some experience with affiliate marketing. If you are new to affiliate marketing then you are supposed to put in some exploration hours. Registration process is quick and easy. After clicking on the Signup button you will be taken to the screen where you need to create username, password and choose the country where you are living in. Users are required to identify the website they will be choosing to promote the products and also and email address which corresponds to the website. It’s customizable navigation bar offers the large selection of options and although the main categories and sub categories appear across the top of each page as desired and additional links are available as needed.

Commission Rate

ShareASale offers over 2,500 products from more than 2,000 merchants. Commission rates are not same for everyone, as they vary according to merchants and products you choose to promote. Because of the reputation they are maintaining in the affiliate marketing industry and their already large base of successful affiliate partners they can negotiate unusually high commission rates from merchants who wish use their service. Payments are made monthly through cheques, direct deposit or PayPal. ShareASale is particularly fast with the direct deposit option.

Customer Service

A link at the bottom of the subject and category links banner offers users with a link to their help center. If you have any personal issues, you can use email support or phone number of your assigned affiliate manager. ShareASale affiliates also meet up in various chatrooms and blogs to share their experience and tips for success.

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