How to Share Printer on Network

By | June 30, 2014
share printer on Network

The ability to share printer on Network is the major draw back in the home network , by setting up a Network printer you will be able to give print from any computer in the network. This article gives you the clear information about how to Share your Printer on Network. Simply follow this article to setup a Network printer in Windows, Mac.

How to setup the printer on Network for windows 7 and 8 Home Group

  • If every computer in the Network running on the Windows 7 or windows 8 create a home group to make it easy for sharing printer. This Network is password protected and it allows file sharing easily.
  • For creating Home group on Windows 7 , go to start button > control panel > Network and Internet > Click Home group, windows will automatically detect the Home Groups on Network.
  • To create new home group click on the Home Group button and make sure what you want to share and enable the check box fro the printer if you wants to share it. Make a note while password is generated so that can be connected to other computers in the same network.
  • To join a existing group open home group program windows will generate automatically and ask you if you like to join this group then enter the password.
  • For creating Home group on Windows 8, open the settings on the PC by clicking the gear option which is located at the right top corner of the screen. Then select the Home group from the menu.
  • Click Create and make sure what you would like to have in order to share the printer, And make sure that whether the check box is enable and click next to create home group.
  • Make a note for the password which is generated and follow the remaining steps similar to the above steps in windows 7.

Steps to follow for Vista

  • Open the Start/Windows button. Open the Control Panel and click Network and Internet. Select the Network and Sharing Center.
  • Now expand the “Printer sharing” section by clicking the arrow. Click the “Turn on printer sharing” link and then click Apply. You may be prompted for the administrator password.
  • If you want the share the printer make sure the password is disable, Expand the password protected sharing section by clicking the arrow. select the off option and click apply. You may be prompted for the administrator password.

Steps to follow for Mac OS X

  • Click the apple button on the top left corner of the screen and select the system preferences from the menu, Under Network and internet or internet and wireless select sharing, this will opens system preferences.
  • In the left frame of the system preferences, Check the box next to printer to sharing. All the printers automatically connected to the Network.
  • Open the system preferences from the apple menu, select from the hardware section. Click the add button section.Select the network printer that you would like to add from the list. Click the Add button