After ‘Soap,’ now ‘Shampoos & DNA’ are to make Computers

By | August 20, 2015

It can be totally surprising for the common people to know, that the computer they use at home or office is actually made out of Soap. But now with latest advancements over technology, anything can happen in this tech world. Recently, Chemists are trying to make computers out of Shampoo and DNA. Isn’t it exciting?

An Ingredient called ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid or the abbreviated form EDTA is used specifically for making computers. We all know that to bring out something innovative in to this tech world needs lot of experimentation for better results likewise Chemist have been putting a lot of effort on analyzing the DNA. The acid stimulates the structure of DNA to change its shape, what we call an ‘i-motif’. But recently, chemists have researched that by adding positively-charged copper ions one can transform the structure of DNA, second time into a hair-pin shape; this change can be reversed using EDTA.

The original structure of the DNA and the transformed structure of DNA swaps between themselves and allows DNA to act like the 1’s and 0’s, which actually make computers by replacing silicon with the strands of DNA. The same process could also be used to make nanoscale machines and to detect the presence of toxic copper ions in water.

Switching Mechanism

Zoe Waller, who led the discovery at the University of East Anglia, said: “Our research shows how the structure of our genetic material – DNA – can be changed and used in a way we didn’t realize. A single switch was possible before – but we show for the first time how the structure can be switched twice.”

“This research expands how DNA could be used as a switching mechanism for a logic gate in DNA-based computing or in nanotechnology”, she added. The details of the discovery have been published in the journal Chemical Communications.