Sfronzols – Virtual Pet : Full App Review


The Sfronzols is a game which is available on Android and iOS platform. The Sfronzols is a game which offered a virtual pet, and that virtual pet is interacting with you. All the characters of the game are born in the game in a special way, because of that all are unique and similar to other one.

In this game you will find that your virtual Pet Sfronzols are born, it eats, gets sick, laughs, dances, plays, goes to the toilet, it gets angry if you don’t look for it and it will sneeze on your screen.  And if in the case you continue to ignore it,  then it could get gravely ill. It is available free in both the platforms (iOS and Android). In this game you will find that a colorful and funny little pet, who has its needs and its own witty personality.


Each Sfronzol is unique and they have own color, shape, eye color and other physical characteristics. You only have to choose its sex at the beginning of the game (or they also offered own gender preference). It has its own place.  In this game you will get a village and stores to buy anything. The Food, medicine to make it feel better, spectacles, clothes, hats, anything that can be bought with virtual money. The Sfronzol is a special friend which needs you. Only you have to spend a little bit of time to play with it and care it.


You can sync with your Facebook account to access the game with all iOS and Android devices. An Apple user and want to download this game on your iPhone and make a new Sfronzal as a virtual pet, then you have to click here! And the Android Smartphone wants to use this game which available free in the Play Store, they can click here! 

Features of Sfronzols – Virtual Pet 

  • Each Sfronzol is unique and with its own color, shape, eye color and other physical characteristics.
  • The Sfronzols can be lulled to sleep, fed (just don’t touch when feeding as it will get mad), washed, treated and so on.
  • It comes with an integrated console (Playbox) with various mini-games you can play while your Sfronzol rests.
  • You can take selfies with your Sfronzol when it’s healthy, but be sure to monitor it for sickness as there are some terrible diseases such as Ghostite or Morpheite
  • When your Sfronzol is happy it will sing and dance several songs such as Spice Girl, Born to be Alive and many more