How to Setup guest mode in LG G3


LG G3 has an amazing feature called “Guest mode” which allows you to pick which apps the user have the access to and includes the custom guest gallery of videos and photos and denies the access to the settings or the multitasking features of LG G3. There are so many third part apps which do the same function but LG G3 feature the built in function which makes easy to give the other users limited access to your device.

By default, Guest mode enables access to Camera, Calculator, Gallery and music apps. You can add some more apps to the list through the “Allowed app menu” and can access these “allowed app menu” in the Guest mode settings option page. This guest mode will never allow the access to the notification shade. So, the guest users can see only the notification icons in the tray but no access is granted to them.

One Guest mode is enabled then the user can choose the which applications can be accessed in this mode and you can set up this mode through the main settings menu. Follow the below tutorial to setup the guest mode in LG G3.


How to Setup guest mode in LG G3

The setup of guest mode depends on the how the LG G3 settings app configured and you will find the Guest mode area in one of two places.

  • If you are in tabbed mode go to Settings>>General>>Privacy>>Guest mode.
  • If you are using the list view you can find guest mode by going to Settings>>Personal>>Guest mode. 

Turn the toggle at the top of the screen and enable the Guest mode and setup the lock screen security to enable the Guest mode if you  have not done it already. Guest mode works by securing your LG G3 with the pattern, PIN or the knock code and a second pattern or a code which gives the limited access to your device. To leave the guest mode just press the power button to lock your phone and unlock it again and use the normal lock code to get the full access to your LG G3.