How to setup Chromecast’s new Backdrop feature


Google releases an update to its Chromecast application enabling the back drop feature which we have first learned about it few months back. The users of the Chrome Cast will be happy by hearing about Google has enable the backdrop feature. Actually this was heard long back ago in June at Google I/O.

This Backdrop uses dormant chromecast to displays the Popular photos, Photos from your own Google+, latest news and current weather stats. This update is slowly coming to the Android Operating System and iOS users can get the latest Chrome Cast from the App Store right now.

When you are lunching it for the first time you will be ask if you wants to use Back drop. To enable the new feature on you have to get started then if prompted, select the Chromecast. Once you are done with enabling then you can easily edit the content display on your TV by tapping on the gear icon on top right corner. In Backdrop settings is the only option to pull your Google+ or specific Google album. As I mentioned above you can also opt to have current new as well as weather reports. For more information look at the below picture for more understanding.


we can say this is the new and welcomed feature to the Chromecast capabilities and this is the nice feature to be able to make the use of the device when you are not streaming a movie. For iOS users this new feature is available interested candidates can Download here.