Setting Sorting, and More Features Coming in WP8.1 GDR2 Update


According to the latest rumors that the tech giant Microsoft will finally bring some sanity to the extremely long Settings list on its Windows Phone platform, if it come then it is very good for the Windows Phone Operating system users. And all this feature will be available in the WP8.1 GDR2 Update.

Some of the rumors claimed that they, apparently next update in the Windows Phone platform will be arrive in the next two months and before that it would be likely coming to Developer Preview users sooner, which will finally sort settings alphabetically, and will feature the same jump list as the usual start up menu.


Some of the reports is also claimed that the other new features, which is said to be on the way include the addition of a mobile data toggle in the action center and Cortana comes as Alpha to even more countries.

While making some of the settings alphabetical would help somewhat, I would have liked even more if Settings could all be pinnable to the start screen  of the Windows Phone just similar to the apps,  it meaning for commonly and mainly used the settings one would not have to dive into the long settings page at all.